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Founder & CEO

Aisha Rehema-Gist Henderson

Aisha Rehema-Gist Henderson is an Alumnus of Michigan State University (MSU). She graduated from MSU with two bachelor’s degrees in Family Community Services and Human Biology, and a Master’s degree in Social Work. During her time in undergrad and graduate school, she has written numerous poems. Most of the poems that she has written have either catered to her emotional experience or have been influenced by her relationship with God. Her first book, “The Voices Who Speak Out to the Silent Killer a collection of poems that speak to her personal experience with suicide ideation and how it has impacted her internally and those around her. You can purchase the book on Amazon if you would like to hear more about her experience with suicide ideation and coping with her friend and family member’s death, who committed suicide.

From these experiences, Aisha has started a movement called, The I Live Movement, llc., which was founded in 2016. She is the founder and CEO of the movement. The purpose of the movement is to educate individuals on suicide awareness and to teach individuals how to have a conversation.

Many individuals go through a season of brokenness or endure a traumatic experience, in which they may be uncertain about how to move forward or manage the stress of the event. Thus, Aisha is hoping with her movement that individuals will have a better understanding of their purpose in God, enter a season of wholeness, and not be defined by their past or circumstance.

The I Live Movement