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Thank you for visiting our website. These are the Services offered by The I Live Movement. Review the description of the services and go to the Contacts Page to make an appointment.

List of Services

Purpose Consulting is a service that The I Live Movement offers to assist individuals in finding their purpose in life. Sometimes we may feel lost or need to reset our lost vision. During my purpose consultation, I will ask a series of questions to assess what your goals are; the barriers to achieve those goals; and how to help you begin steps of achieving them. My business is faith based; however, it caters to anyone in need. The consolation fee is 25 dollars per hour. Depending on the need there will be 3 sessions, in order to do goal setting planning to get you started on your vision. I believe everyone has a purpose and that God created us for a reason.

Suicide Consulting is a free service that is used to help others know how to guide the conversation if they have a friend/family member/child/elderly parent who is having suicidal thoughts or has a plan of intent. I have assisted friends, colleagues, and former individuals in a workshop with getting the individual in need connected to the right support as well as finding the words to guide the conversation. This is a free service. I look forward to helping you guide the conversation.

Safety Planning is a free service to ensure that you have a plan in place for yourself or the individual in need. I have found that a lot individuals who are either having suicidal thoughts or have attempted did not have a safety plan in place. The purpose of a safety plan is to help the person understand their warning signs or triggers; how to keep them safe in their environment; develop a list of coping skills; and develop a list of support, which can help them in their time of need.

Mental Health Service has a fee for service. The purpose of this service is to educate different organizations, agencies, churches, and schools about mental health. Mental health is a growing area; and, it is nice to have a grasp on what mental health is, and how it can impact your family, community, or business.

Social Emotional Learning is a tool that I use, in order to promote self-regulation in the classroom. If your school is interested, they can purchase "The PSR kid" to help students learn different calm down strategies in the classroom, and how to navigate different conflicts amongst their peers. I will also perform the The PBIS song at your school.

Workshops are a fee for service. It will include education on suicide awareness; my story of experiencing a family member and friend who committed suicide; the warnings signs of suicide; coping with suicide ideation; as well as having a discussion and practice, on how to have a conversation with your love ones regarding their suicidal thoughts.

Speaking Engagements has a fee for service. The purpose of the speaking engagement is to promote suicide awareness and to teach people on how to have the conversation. It is also a way to discuss my struggles with suicide ideation, my poetry book, and my experiences with a family member and friend who died by suicide. I am hoping through these engagements that people become more comfortable with talking about suicide and having a direct conversation with the person in need.

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